Earn a FREE YETI Product

You can get a FREE YETI product simply by posting a video of your FurViking in action! The more views you get on Tik Tok and / or Youtube, the better the YETI! (see the fine print below!).


Submit your information and a link to your video showing how many views you have to and we will ship you your FREE YETI based on the following:


 35,000 Views  YETI Coffee Mug
50,000 Views YETI Tumbler
100,000 Views YETI Small Soft Cooler
250,000 Views YETI Large Soft Cooler
500,000 Views YETI Hard Cooler
1,000,000 Views YETI Large Hard Cooler


*Please note, only one prize can be claimed per video. Fine Print - you MUST SHOW our website address on your post (, and you also must show your receipt when claiming your prize that you purchased your FurViking through us. So easy to do - now go post your video and claim your FREE YETI!